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Every year we strive to make a difference in our communities.
We're not just providing service to the community, we are a part of the community and we believe that we all have a responsibility to make the place we call home better.

Comporium Pioneers

The Comporium Pioneer Club is part of a national organization, the Independent Telecommunications Pioneer Association. The Comporium club is made up of approximately 240 individuals from the Fort Mill, Rock Hill, and Lancaster areas who are employed in or retired from the telecommunications industry.

The mission of the pioneer club is to preserve the history, traditions, and ideals of the Independent Telecommunications Industry and to initiate and carry out activities that are considered to be of a social, community, or welfare nature.

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Comporium realizes that being a good corporate citizen is good business, and that our business and social goals must be compatible for us to remain a responsible role model for all employers within the communities we serve. We focus our giving on projects and organizations that serve a broad sector of the community, multi-community projects that have a multiplier effect by benefiting local organizations in more than one location, organizations that provide direct services to their client populations, and projects and organizations with a proven record of success.

Each year Comporium donates over $400,000 directly to local non-profits. We do this through a combination of monetary gifts, in-kind donations of services, or through the donation of surplus vehicles and goods. We also work with several local charities on employee matching programs, yielding greater benefits from the generosity of our employees.

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Economic Development

At Comporium, we believe in taking a proactive role in local and state economic development and working hand-in-hand with our local chambers of commerce, aiding them in creating an environment that helps to grow business.. We endeavor to add value to our service areas by constantly working to ensure that we offer the most current, most competitive, and most innovative products that we can.

Knowledge Park - Knowledge Park will be the dynamic center of Rock Hill’s 21st century economy. Designed to be home to knowledge economy businesses and jobs, it is technologically advanced, yet rooted in the city’s rich history. Knowledge Park is supported by private/public partnership between the City of Rock Hill and local business leaders. When completed, it will offer an appealing urban lifestyle built upon a model of economic and environmental sustainability.

Knowledge Park is located in Rock Hill, South Carolina which is located in the north-central area of South Carolina, approximately 20 miles south along the I-77 corridor from Charlotte, North Carolina. Knowledge Park measures abut one square mile. It stretches from the Old Town East development at Elizabeth Lane to Winthrop University at Cherry Road. Major landmarks and businesses located within the Knowledge Park include City Hall, Winthrop University, The Cotton Factory, and Comporium Communications.


Comporium assists local economic development organizations by providing them with necessary tools and resources to educate prospective business on the value of living in an area served by Comporium. We also routinely help fund business initiatives in our service areas that generate jobs, create a more business friendly environment, and attract new residents to the area. See All >

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Construction and Bulk Community Services

"Whether it’s a small apartment building or a 400-home subdivision, Comporium is partnering with you to make life easier for you and your customers."

Comporium offers builders, developers, and property managers reliable, fast High-Speed Internet service, Digital Video service, featuring Moxi Whole-Home DVR service, Voice service with available features such as voicemail and unlimited nationwide calling, and cutting-edge Security and Home Automation services. Whatever the size of your need, Comporium will work with you to ensure that your community has the modern convenience features and innovative technologies that potential residents crave in today’s always-on-the-go world.

Developers & Builders

Buying a new home is daunting and often it’s the details that sway us one way or the other. Comporium offers a suite of products to keep potential buyers connected to the world and give them all the luxuries of the 21st century. Our High-Speed Internet service, our Digital Video, and ReadyHome home automation and security will give prospective buyers one more reason to choose your project for their new home.

If you have a larger project or community in the works, Comporium has staff dedicated to meeting your clients needs.

Property Managers

Comporium offers innovative communications, entertainment, security and home automation options designed to give you what it takes to keep your residents happy. From amazingly fast High-Speed Internet service to Digital TV with 115+ HD channels, VOD, and the award winning Moxi Whole-Home DVR system to ReadyHome home automation and security, Comporium offers state-of-the-art products for your customers’ needs.

Is it time to upgrade your properties? Comporium can help with that too, call us today.

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