Express Yourself, Almost Anywhere – with International Roaming*

AT&T offers roaming to more than 60 countries in Africa, Asia/Pacific, and Europe. Once you have the appropriate phone and have activated overseas roaming service, simply insert your regular AT&T SIM card into the phone, and you are ready to use your service**.What Features Operate When I am Roaming?

Call waiting, call forwarding, call hold, data, fax, and e-mail/short messaging are generally available. Caller ID is generally not supported when roaming overseas.

  • Callers can still reach you just by dialing your regular AT&T number from the United States.
  • Calls made while roaming with your AT&T SIM card are billed on your regular AT&T bill, usually within thirty to sixty days after the calls were made.
  • Rates are attractive, making it convenient and economical to use your service overseas.

*All service, including roaming, is subject to the AT&T Terms and Conditions. Click for more information.
**Before roaming overseas, you must request activation of overseas roaming service. There is no charge for activating this service; however, some restrictions may apply. International roaming is not available to customers on Prepaid plans.