Our Response to COVID-19

Like everyone, Comporium has been paying close attention to the onset and spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) over the past few weeks. We take the responsibility of ensuring the health and safety of our employees, customers and our community very seriously. We also understand that as more people change their habits by working from home and choosing to spend free time at home rather than in crowded public spaces, our customers will depend more than ever on our services. Therefore, we want to inform our customers that we are taking the following steps to ensure that we are providing and maintaining our services in the safest possible manner.

Drive-Throughs Reopening

Beginning Monday, March 30, we’re reopening our drive-through windows at our Downtown Rock Hill Customer Service Center (332 East Main Street) and our Lancaster White Street location. This temporary access is another step we're taking to more safely assist customers with payments. Drive-through service continues to be available at our Rock Hill Cherry Road location and our Gilbert location.

The best option for making payments is to set up an automatic bank account withdrawal or an automatic credit card payment each month. Visit My Account at Comporium.com to view or upgrade your existing services, to access your Comporium webmail and to set up your automated bill pay.

If you prefer to work with one of our friendly customer service reps, our Customer Contact Center is available by chat or by phone.

    • SC – York, Lancaster and Chester Counties: 888.403.2667

    • SC – Midlands and neighboring region: 800.258.7978

    • NC – Transylvania, Mecklenburg and Union Counties: 888.403.2667

60 Days of Free Internet Service to Students

Knowing that our students and their parents will need greater access to broadband, Comporium is offering 60 days of free service to new customers in homes where a student lives. We're offering 60 days of free Standard HSI service and free installation to any home that is:

    • The primary home of a student in kindergarten through high school, in technical school, in college or in graduate school;

    • Currently without our internet service and that hasn’t had internet service with Comporium for the past 90 days; and

    • Located where Comporium would normally provide internet service.

We are also waiving installation fees and our normal security deposit process during this time. Comporium plans to keep this opportunity active and available to new customers through at least the end of March but may decide to extend it if needed.

Committed to Keeping You Connected

Comporium is also committed to working with customers impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19) to prevent their internet service from being disconnected during this challenging situation. For 125 years, we have always made a point to work with our customers in difficult situations to try to keep them connected. We will continue to do that throughout the coronavirus outbreak. We know that during difficult times like this, a connection to work, school and current events in the world is more important than ever.

We also want you to know that our network is designed and ready for events like this. Comporium has recently made upgrades to both our core network and our field equipment. Even during this trying time, our broadband network is more than capable of handling the additional strain of many people working and learning from home. Comporium’s technicians are also monitoring the network continuously to ensure that they detect and address any problems as soon as possible.

Solutions to Keep Your Business Running

The way you're doing business may have changed overnight but you still have a responsibility to your employees and customers. We offer a number of solutions that can help you stay connected and protected no matter the situation.

    • Have peace of mind while your staff is out of the office. Our security solutions, including access control systems, will keep your facility secure around the clock.

    • Keep connected with your team and your customers with Comporium UC, a Unified Communication service for real-time voice, video, instant messaging, conferencing and collaboration.

    • Cloud voice solutions help businesses of all sizes work efficiently and productively no matter where your employees are.

    • Have you had to change your hours of operation? Comporium Business Intelligence helps you keep your customers informed about changes in online listings, hours of operation and keeps you abreast of public reviews on social sites and websites across the internet that are left about your business, all from one single platform.

Visits to Customer Locations

If you are expecting one of our technicians to visit your home or business on an installation or repair call, please know that we’re taking extra precautions to protect you and our employees. Our service vans and trucks are all supplied with hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and latex gloves, and our technicians will use them between service calls. We’re also asking our technicians to limit their in-person contact with customers by practicing “social distancing” and being mindful of only entering customer premise when absolutely necessary. Attention to these types of factors will better ensure the safety of each and every customer we serve.

Comporium’s customer service team will also implement a quick screening process prior to scheduling a home visit or to working with customers at one of our locations. Customers will be asked four general questions to help our team determine if there is a greater risk of spreading COVID-19:

    • If the customer has been in close contact during the past 14 days with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19;

    • If the customer has been advised by a medical professional to stay home or avoid contact with others;

    • If the customer has been free of fever (100.4 or higher), coughing, shortness of breath or symptoms associated with COVID-19 for at least 24 hours; and

    • If the customer has traveled outside the US.

Customers are not required to answer these questions, but in order to ensure that our service team operates safely, Comporium may have to delay an in-person visit with the customer if it cannot be determined that the risk of spreading the coronavirus is low.

For our customers who don’t feel well or believe that they’ve been exposed to COVID-19, Comporium can provide assistance through our online channel at shop.comporium.com, via chat through our website (www.comporium.com), or by calling our Customer Contact Center at 1-888-403-2667.

Our Corporate Work Environment

To further safeguard the health of our employees, we have instituted additional measures focused on travel and the spread of disease.

Comporium has put in place a strict travel policy for all of our employees and limited all non-essential travel for business. Per CDC recommendations, Comporium has asked its employees who have traveled to high-risk locations or have been exposed to others who have traveled to such locations to self-quarantine for 14 days.

We’ve also canceled or postponed all large meetings and employee gatherings. As our office staffs are able, they’ve been requested to conduct as many meetings virtually as possible.

Comporium is also limiting visits to our corporate offices. We’re increasing the frequency of cleanings to our locations to help ensure that they are less of a risk for employees and customers that visit them.

Additionally, Comporium is asking our employees to take extra steps to monitor themselves for signs of illness daily. We’re also asking that they err on the side of caution if they believe they been exposed to COVID-19 and to stay home for 14 days. The goal of these extra measures is to make sure that our technicians and customer service team can continue to serve our community safely, quickly and help keep you connected to the people and information you need most.

We will continue to closely monitor this situation as it develops. Our focus is and will remain on doing all we can to best protect our team, our customers and the communities we serve.

Avoid Service Disruptions—Call 811 Before You Dig

Comporium is reminding customers and construction crews to be more conscientious about checking for buried communications equipment before digging. With the community having a greater reliance on their utilities, it’s more important than ever to Call Before You Dig.

Throughout the Carolinas, you can request a check for buried utility services – also referred to as a locate ticket – by calling 811. The service is free to the public and could prevent you from accidentally damaging underground utilities and causing an outage. If you’d like to learn more or request a locate ticket online, visit https://sc811.com/ for service in South Carolina and https://www.nc811.org/ for service in North Carolina.

Sanitizing Your Electronic Devices

Your favorite electronic devices keep you entertained and connected with the people you love. Unfortunately, they also carry germs. That's always a concern, but even more during a public health crisis. Here are a few simple steps you can take to keep you and your family safe without damaging your devices:

    • Clean your device frequently. Choose a disinfectant that's non-abrasive and use a soft cloth. Alcohol-based cleaners (70% isopropyl) work, too. For the best results, unplug your device, power it down and wipe all surfaces. Don't forget to remove the case and clean it as well.

    • Use hands-free options whenever possible. Instead of holding your phone up to your ear, use the speaker option or a Bluetooth device for your call. This keeps any germs away from your face and reduces your risk.

    • Don't share devices. We all joke about texting someone from across the room, but that's the safest way for you to share photos, videos and other content at this time.

    • Don't lay your device on a surface others may have come in contact with. If you absolutely must, clean the area before putting down your device and clean the device after you pick it up.

Beware of COVID-19 Scams

Tough times bring out the best in people. Unfortunately, they also bring an increase in scams. COVID-19 is no exception. These tips are worth following at any time, but are especially important now:

    • Carefully inspect any email you receive. Don't know the sender? Don't open the email. Getting a notice from what appears to be a government agency? If you don't remember signing up for their mailing list, it could be a scam.

    • Check to see who's calling or texting you. If you don't recognize the number, it's okay to ignore it. If you get on a call and feel like it's a scam, it's okay to hang up.

    • Don't share personal information. If someone asks you for bank account information, passwords or any other information, do not share it. Legitimate businesses won't call you and ask for this information.

    • Check your bank and credit card accounts frequently. If a scammer does take advantage of you, you'll know and will hopefully be able to minimize the damage.

Other Resources

We encourage you to follow these local, state and federal resources for the latest updates on COVID-19 and to discover ways to support our local communities:

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