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Bridging the Home Learning Gap

Home learning comes with challenges. With the increased demand for virtual classes, connectivity is one of the biggest challenges home learners face. With Comporium’s K-12 Connected Program, we clear the path for families most in need—and help them bridge the connectivity barrier.

What is the Comporium

K-12 Connected Program?

The Comporium K-12 Program consists of unique partnerships with local school districts, governments, and privately-funded organizations that aim to keep students connected and learning while providing broadband services to those who need it most. Together, we identify families in need and establish their connection so they can stay online and learning.

How to Get Started with Comporium's K-12 Connected Program?

Comporium's K-12 Connected Program starts the process by working with your procurement team to identify families with students who have the highest level of need for broadband services. Secondly, we ensure that we can provide you with an affordable and reliable connection. Once we have identified the students in need, we will work with your team to ensure that we maintain the privacy of your students and families. Our approach to bridging the home learning gap is uncomplicated and the impact it will have is significant.

Partnership Principles

Funding for this program is made possible through the South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff utilizing funds from the CARES Act. During the spring semester, funding will be provided by the South Carolina Department of Education.

Affected households will not receive a bill from Comporium.
Comporium will work with school districts to quickly and confidentially identify which students need service.
Household income no greater than 250% of the applicable federal poverty guideline; verified by the appropriate school district or state Department of Education.

The household can have No other record of internet access within the past 30 days.
Comporium requires only the street, city, state, and zip code of the student requiring the service, along with the name and contact phone number of a parent or legal guardian who can set up an installation appointment and be present and when our technician arrives onsite.
Comporium will provision a single connection of 20x3 Mbps maximum speed per household. This connection is limited to the use of the pupils in the household and is intended to be used for educational purposes only. Unauthorized use of the connection will result in termination of service. This service is available only where Comporium’s network already exists.

Comporium will not use school-supplied information for targeted marketing of collateral services to families covered by the program.

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Celebrating 125 Years in Business

About Comporium K-12 Connected Image

Comporium, known then as the Rock Hill Telephone Company, was founded in 1894 by John Anderson, John Cherry, and Andrew Smith. During the first year, the company installed 27 phone lines, most of them connecting the businesses and suppliers of the company’s founders. During the next two decades, Paul Workman and his aunt grew the company to 443 phones before ultimately selling the company to E.L. and Mary Sanders Barnes on Mar. 10, 1912.

Four generations later, the descendants of E.L. and Mary are still running what has now become Comporium, as the company enters its 125th year of business. During the past century, we have acquired an interest in five other independent telephone companies, growing to serve Fort Mill, Lancaster, Heath Springs, Great Falls, Brevard (NC), and the Midlands of South Carolina.