Update to Comporium.net Email Platform


The entire Comporium email platform will be updated on Tuesday, May 10, beginning at 9:00 pm to integrate a more advanced spam solution. You will continue to have access to webmail and email throughout this maintenance period. However, there may be some delays to incoming messages during this time.

On the morning of Wednesday, May 11, you can start managing spam from your email’s Junk folder. (For webmail users, you may need to log back in to see the change.) However, you will no longer receive a Daily Digest under this new scenario.

For more information on the new spam solution, please visit: Comporium.link/spamremoval.

Please be advised that after this upgrade is complete, your current Friends and Enemies list in Greymail will carry over.

As a note, You may continue to receive the Daily Digest from Greymail for a few days after the upgrade is complete. This is to allow you to retrieve any quarantined messages that you’d like to move to your inbox. After several days, you will stop receiving the Daily Digest .

If you encounter any issues during this transition, please call 888-403-2667 for assistance. You can also find help on a variety of email related topics in our online Help Center.