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Zipstream is broadband redefined. It delivers speeds up to 1 Gbps; speeds that are 85 times faster than Comporium’s Standard Level Internet package speeds, leveraging a 100 percent fiber Gigabit network. That 1 Gbps speed is symmetrical, providing both upload and download speeds of 1 Gbps, meeting the needs of both the tech savvy homeowner and the performance needs that are critical to business applications.

Zipstream Service Plans

  • Home

    1 Gbps Downstream • 1 Gbps Upstream
  • $99.94

    per month
  • Free Internet security software
  • Free Internet Tech Support
  • A primary email account

Zipstream Home service allows you to stream video and gaming content on multiple televisions or computers at the same time. Even doing that, you’ll find that you still have plenty of bandwidth to browse the internet, send email, and Skype with your friends and family. Whether you’re an avid gamer or the ultimate multitasker, Zipstream is designed to offer you blazing fast speeds at an affordable rate.


Comporium offers additional high speed internet packages ranging from 60 Mbps to 300 Mbps. To learn more click here.

  • Business

    1 Gbps Downstream • 1 Gbps Upstream
  • $299.99

    per month
  • Wi-Fi pre-configured modem
  • Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security
  • Online data backup

With Zipstream for Business, you can have access to Gigabit broadband without spending Giga-bucks. Zipstream connects you to the Internet 85 times faster than our standard cable modem service, thanks to our 100% fiber-optic Gigabit network. Zipstream is a symmetrical shared service, offering both upload AND download speeds of up to 1 Gbps, so you won’t have to worry about bandwidth any time soon. Small business owners know that in today’s world, it’s not just the big boys that need access to a lot of bandwidth. That is why we designed Zipstream for Business with the small business owner in mind. We know that for certain companies, fast Internet service is critically important, even if you have two employees rather than 200.


Whether your business is a new start-up or an established business, your applications may demand an increasing high usage of Internet bandwidth. Other businesses require High Speed Internet capabilities to handle online orders made by customers, large file transfers, retail credit card processing, and Wi-Fi applications.
Many companies are becoming high bandwidth users with highly complex and increasingly dependent global operations, partnerships, and supply chains. Zipstream provides the necessary power to far exceed those needs.
“The backbone of the new economy is not interstates, it’s the Internet. The Internet is our railroad and Comporium is building us a depot.”


Founder of Revenflo and Co-Founder of the Hive Business Center