Switch your service to Comporium – Keep your existing Number

You can now bring your current wireless phone number with you when you switch your wireless service to Comporium. This means that friends, family, and business associates will be able to reach you at the number they already know.

Why switch to Comporium for your wireless needs?

  • Only AT&T has Rollover minutes, allowing you to keep your unused anytime minutes from month to month.
  • Cool feature-rich phones with the latest technology.
  • Flexible calling plan with national coverage options.
  • Receive just one bill for all of your communication services with Comporium.
  • 24-hour customer support.

Customer Information Sheet

Wireless Local Number Portability (WLNP) enables you to take your phone number with you when you change wireless carriers. Below is information on what to expect during the porting process.

  • Who Can Port? Porting is available in the 100 largest metropolitan statistical areas. Currently that includes the following counties in our area:
    • South Carolina: York, Lancaster*
    • North Carolina: Cabarras, Gaston, Lincoln, Mecklenburg, Rowan, and Union.

    Eligible areas may be expanded in 2004.
    *Comporium will also support wireless porting in Lancaster County beginning November 24, 2003.

  • Important Details. Comporium will assist you in bringing your number to us. Comporium will need to know information about your existing account. For convenience, bring a bill from your current carrier to Comporium. If you do not have a copy of your bill, know the details of your account, including name, billing address, account number and telephone number.
  • Leave Some Time. The process can take several hours. While we are in the process of porting your number, you should have full service with your current service provider.
  • Don’t Cancel Service. If you cancel your service with your current service provider, you will lose the ability to retain your telephone number. Comporium will cancel your existing service after it obtains your telephone number. You will be required to sign a Letter of Agency that authorizes Comporium to act on your behalf to do this.
  • Termination Charges? If you are still under contract with your current service provider, you may be charged an early termination fee for canceling your service.
  • So How Does This Work?
    * First, we will determine if the number is eligible to be ported.
    * You will select a plan and a wireless handset.
    * You will sign a Letter of Agency and a service contract. You will be able to take your wireless handset with you and you may want to charge the battery while we continue working on the porting process.
    * Comporium will work with your current service provider to port your mobile number, initialize service on Comporium’s network, and cancel your service with your current service provider.
    * Comporium will contact you on your new wireless handset to inform you that your service has been switched. If the handset is not on, you will either receive a voice mail message or text message.
    * Comporium may need to contact you during the porting process for additional information to resolve any problems that occur during these processes.
  • Pre-paid Accounts. Porting for all pre-paid accounts must be initiated through AT&T. Please call 866-490-2662 for additional guidance.