Holly Forest Internet Speed Test

Customer Testimony Statement Attesting to Availability of Broadband Service


Conducting Your Speed Test

Please complete the speed test before moving on to the survey portion.
Valid results can only be obtained by connecting a computer to the DSL modem with a wire.
If you do not have a wire that will connect your computer directly to your DSL modem, contact Danny Handley at (828) 743-7667, and one will be provided for you.

Please follow the steps outlined below to complete your speed test and survey:

  • Step #1 - Using your cord, plug one end into your DSL modem. Then, connect the other end directly into the internet port on your computer.
  • Step #2 - Click the "GO" button in the speed test window to start your speed test.
  • Step #3 - Complete the "Holly Forest Internet Speed Test" Survey.
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