What is Caller ID?

How it works:

Incoming caller’s name and number is displayed on your phone…

– and television when you also have Digital Cable through Comporium. (Caller ID on TV)

– and computer when you also have High-Speed Internet through Comporium. (Caller ID on PC)

How to use:

1. When you receive a call, the name and number of the person calling will automatically appear on the display screen — must have a Caller-ID phone with display screen or add-on display unit.

2. If you choose to answer the call, the number will remain on the screen until the call is ended.


• If the letter “P” or “Private” appears on your screen, the caller may have blocked the display of their number before placing the call.

• If “Anonymous,” “Out of Area,” or “0” appears, the caller is in an area that does not support Caller ID Services