What does the law say about telephone use?

Listed below are points from some of the laws (both Federal and State), which govern telephone usage. Violation of these laws should be reported to the proper civil authorities.

It is unlawful to:

  • Make nuisance or malicious telephone calls.
  • Use credit card numbers to fraudulently obtain goods or services.
  • Charge a call to another person’s telephone without his/her consent.
  • Use indecent language
  • Threaten unlawful acts
  • Make false statements concerning death or injury to members of the family of the person called
  • Telephone another repeatedly for purposes of annoyance
  • Fail to hang up for the purpose of interfering with the telephone service of another
  • Make false reports concerning destructive devices (bomb calls)
  • Permit any telephone under his control to be used for such unlawful purposes.

Any person committing such acts shall be guilty of misdemeanor punishable as prescribed the law. Violations should be reported to the proper civil authorities.