What can affect speed test results?

It is highly recommended to use Comporium’s in-house speed test server – this server’s location within our network reduces the amount of intermediate connections your computer has to route through, and it has been designed with supporting high volumes of traffic in mind. It is directly accessible at comporium.speedtestcustom.com, or on comporium.com by selecting Residential, then Internet from the dropdown menu, and finally Support & Tools. On the right hand side of the page, click the image for Test Your Speed to be redirected to the speed test.

More information regarding speed testing employed by Ookla (whom Comporium has collaborated with) can be found here.

The following scenarios may cause you to observe slower speeds than your connection is capable of:

  • On the server side
    • The server’s internet connection: A test server might not have sufficient bandwidth to support your maximum speed, or too much of its available bandwidth is already in use by other testers.
    • The server’s hardware: A test server may not have enough processing power to handle larger amounts of concurrent tests.
    • The server’s scripting: Errors in the testing scripts that the server uses may cause speed tests to report lower or fail entirely.
  • On your side
    • Networking equipment: Networking equipment (such as routers, switches, or wireless repeaters) can either experience hardware or firmware issues, or not have sufficient bandwidth capability to support your maximum connection speed.
    • Firewalls: Firewalls can cause both slowdowns and complete failures for speed tests.
    • Hardware: At higher speeds, a computer’s network card or processing power may not be sufficient to fully utilize an internet connection’s maximum bandwidth.
    • Applications: Because performing speed tests utilizes a computer’s processing power, other applications using system resources at the same time may affect its data transfer capability.
    • Other sources of bandwidth usage: Anything using your internet connection at the same time can potentially have an adverse effect on speed test results.