What are some tips to save money on Long Distance Calls?

Dial it yourself: You can save money by dialing 1+ Area Code + Number for all your domestic calls. This type of calling is sometimes referred to as Station-to-Station calling.

Call involving an operator:  Customer-dial calling card calls are more costly than Dial Direct, but less than a third number or Person-to-Person call.

Schedule your calls:  If you call someone frequently, try arranging a calling time when you know they will be there to receive your call. This will enable you to use Station-to-Station Calling and save money. Rates on Direct Dial Long Distance calls are normally lower during the evening, night and weekend hours (some calling plans may vary). Also take advantage of holiday rates!

Don’t pay for wrong numbers:  If you reach a wrong number, we don’t want you to pay for it! Let the operator know right away so that you won’t be charged for it. If you call from one of our coin telephones, we will send you a refund in the mail.