What are some common types of Long Distance Calls?

Bill to third party: Customers may place calls and transfer the charge to another telephone. This service requires Operator assistance for recording the number of the party being billed. The call may be either Station-to-Station or Person-to-Person.

Calling Card (Credit Card): Customers who have Calling Cards may place calls and charge them to their calling card numbers. These calls may be made Station-to-Station or Person-to-Person. Apply for a Comporium Communications calling card by calling our business office.

Coin Calls: See the instruction card on or near the coin phone or dial Operator.

Collect Calls: You can call collect if the person or firm you are calling agrees to pay the charge. If you want to make a collect call, please be sure to inform the Operator when you place the call.

Operator Assisted Calls: Operator assisted calls are those requiring the assistance of an Operator to complete the call. These include Person-to-Person, coin, collect, calling card, billed to third number, hotel guest, and time and charge calls.

Person-to-Person Calls: Call Person-to-Person when you want to talk to a particular person at a specific extension. Rates are higher than Station-to-Station and also apply when you talk to an alternate person or extension. Charges are applied when the conversation begins.

Station-to-Station Calls: Call Station-to-Station if you wish to talk with anyone who answers. This is usually referred to as a Direct Dial. You (the customer) will dial the entire long distance number without Operator assistance. Rates for calls that you dial yourself are lower than calls dialed by the operator. Charging begins when the called telephone answers.

Time and Charges: When placing long distance calls, a customer may request from the Operator, the amount of time and the charge for the call. This service requires Operator assistance and may be either Station-to-Station or Person-to-Person.