What are the Benefits of Stream TV?

Live and Local:

Enjoy local favorites, including live local news, along with shows from all of your favorite networks. Channel surfers will appreciate that Comporium Stream TV allows for moving up or down to the closest station.

  • Apple TV: Swipe right/left.
  • Android TV & Amazon Fire TV (and Stick): press up/down directional controls.

Restart TV:

Comporium Stream TV offers you the ability to restart a program already in progress on most channels. When changing to a live program that has already started, a small pop-up may appear near the bottom of the screen that reads, “Play from the beginning?” Select “Yes.”

Replay TV:

No matter how much you enjoy TV, catching every game or show is pretty demanding. Comporium Stream TV has got you covered. Its cloud stores up to 72 hours of programming and allows you instant access to popular shows you missed. To access Replay TV, pull up the Guide then navigate left or backward in time past the “On Now” column. A pop-up panel will appear which gives you the option to “Replay Recently Aired Programs.”

Cloud DVR:

Comporium Stream TV’s Cloud DVR allows you to record as many shows as you want while watching whatever you want. Plus, you can access your recorded shows from any device that has an Internet connection.

Profiles and Recommendations:

Comporium Stream TV uses intelligent technology that learns your viewing habits and then suggests new shows and movies based on your likes and dislikes.


For more features and instructions, download our Comporium Stream TV User Guide and Welcome Kit


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