Stream TV FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is “Stream TV”?

  • Comporium’s new Stream TV is an app-based television watching experience. Much like other streaming apps and services you’re used to watching, Stream TV is downloaded and streamed over our Internet service to compatible connected devices like Smart TVs and/or streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Android TV, computers, tablets & smartphones.

Why is Stream TV app-based?

  • Customers want more control to watch what they want, when they want, and where they want. Consumers are no longer tied to the television screen – they want to watch on other devices like phones, tablets, and laptops. They watch video content when, where and how they want it. And, because Stream TV eliminates the need for wired STBs and DVRs, it can potentially save customers money as well.

Why is Comporium launching a new video platform?

  • To provide a solution that improves our customers’ overall video experience and makes it easier for them to stream the content they want, when and where they want, on any device. Stream TV is delivered over our Internet and easily integrates with streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Smart TVs and more – bridging the gap between traditional and streaming TV.

What channels are available with the new Stream TV?

  • Stream TV will have the same three-channel package options just like our current TV plans, including Digital Basic, Digital Basic Plus and HD Digital Variety. All available on-demand content for each network is also included. For the most current channel line-up, visit

Will content be available in HD and in 4K? And, will it cost extra?

  • All content that is available in HD will be included with Stream TV at no additional charge. Currently, major networks are not offering 4k programming for distribution through their content providers.

What’s going to happen to traditional TV as we know it today?

  • Our traditional cable platform will soon become obsolete. With the release of our new Stream TV app-based platform, traditional cable will no longer be available to new TV customers through Comporium.

If I am a traditional cable customer without internet and I move, can I keep my existing TV service?

  • If you currently have a traditional version of Comporium TV service without internet service and you move to a new address, you can switch to Comporium Stream TV if you choose and want to add internet – but you must switch to the Stream TV platform as all RF will at some point be discontinued.

What will happen to my DVR recordings if I switch to the new Stream TV?

  • Because Stream TV is a new product with new technology, any items stored on your current devices will be lost when you switch. However, with Stream TV’s DVR, you can record up to 180 hours (with the purchase of the maximum amount of DVR storage space).

Is an Amazon Fire Stick or other streaming device required for each TV?

  • If your TV is not a compatible smart TV, then yes. However, streaming devices can be moved from TV to TV if you don’t want to buy one for every TV. Also, remember you can watch Stream TV on other streaming devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Does Stream TV have a voice remote control?

  • Stream TV supports voice control (on applicable device remotes like Amazon Fire TV Stick and Apple TV) within the “search” feature of the app. If your streaming device remote has voice control, then all standard commands will still work outside of the app.

Can I still use my traditional cable remote to control the TV?

  • Since the new Stream TV no longer requires a Set Top Box, you will use the remote that comes with your streaming device or smart TV to control Stream TV. Any older Comporium branded remotes will not work.

Can I download and install the Stream TV app instead of having a Comporium installer come out?

  • Yes, you can! In fact, Stream TV is very easy to install yourself unless you currently have our Moxi service. With self-install, you can purchase and pick up new equipment at any of the retail locations and drop off old equipment there as well. If you currently have our Moxi system, a technician will come out to your house to set up the new Stream TV service for you, disconnect and return the Moxi equipment for you.

Can I watch Stream TV away from home?

  • To access your complete Stream TV channel list and to watch live TV, you must be connected to your home’s WiFi network. However, you can watch on-demand content, DVR recordings and some live networks away from your home’s WiFi network. If there is an upcoming program you want to make sure you can watch on the go, we suggest you set it up to record on your DVR, and then you can watch it virtually “live” as it’s being “recorded.”

Can I download movies from Stream TV (like I do from Netflix or Prime) to my mobile device and watch away from home?

  • Unfortunately, this is not a current option.

What is the “time out” time frame for Stream TV on the Fire Stick?

  • 8 hours.

Is there a limit to how many TVs and devices Comporium will install the Stream TV app on in my home?

  • No. But remember that you can only watch up to 6 streams (or the total number of streams you purchase) at the same time.

Can I use a combination of streaming devices with Stream TV?

  • Yes. You can use any combination of Stream TV supported devices on your home’s WiFi network.

What are my web credentials for logging in to Stream TV?

  • When you sign up for Stream TV, you provide an email address for your login information to be sent. This is the email you will use to set up your Stream TV account. If you do not have an account yet, you can set one up at the retail office or by calling into the Customer Service Center. Also, a Comporium installer can help you set up an account at the time of installation.

Are there language and “closed caption” options with Stream TV?>

  • Yes, both of these are available.

Can you set up viewer profiles?

  • Yes. You can create up to 5 individual profiles for viewers in your household. This enables family members to see recommended movies and shows based on their viewing history.

Is there a limit on how many streams I can buy?

  • Your first 2 are included with Stream TV – but you can also purchase up to four additional streams at $6.00 each per month, for a total of up to 6 streams.

Can I share my login with my family?

  • Yes. While Stream TV is not intended to be shared with people outside of your home, you may share the login with people within your immediate household. You can have up to 6 streams/6 devices using the service at one time on your home network (single IP address).

What happens if I watch Stream TV on my phone or tablet using cellular data instead of WiFi?

  • Your regular data restrictions and fees from your cellular provider apply.

Can I use just one remote to control everything?

  • In most cases, yes. If you are using a current Fire TV Stick or Apple TV you can use that device’s remote for everything without having to change inputs between apps. Some older model remotes do not provide the ability to turn the TV on/off or control the volume – but newer ones do. Also, most Smart TVs operate everything seamlessly with one remote.

Can I use “Replay” to record a show that has previously aired?

  • Unfortunately, no. You can Replay up to three days and watch shows but you cannot record them after they have originally aired, unless you had set up your DVR to record before it aired.

How many shows can I record at one time?

  • You can record as many shows as you like at the same time and not take up any of your streams. So you can record on several channels at the same time and still watch up to 6 streams on other channels and devices while you are recording.

When I play-back a recorded program, am I using one of my streams?

  • Yes.

How much recording space is included with the DVR storage?

  • Each package comes with 2 streams and 20 hours of DVR storage. You can purchase 1 additional stream and 40 hours of DVR storage for just $6 more a month (the max you can purchase is 4 additional streams and a total of 160 DVR hours).


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