Managing Devices – Premium WiFi Powered by Plume

Where can I see the list of devices connected to my network?

You can select the Connected Devices link found at the bottom of the App home screen. You will be provided with a view of all the devices that are connected wirelessly to your network, and a list of devices that are currently disconnected from the network. From here, you are able to tap on each individual device to view networking information such as the device’s MAC address, and IP address. You also have the option to rename your device when you tap on the device image.

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Normally a device will stay in your device list for 14 days after they last connected, at which point they’ll drop off. If the device is assigned to someone, however, it will stay be listed even if the device hasn’t been connected for more than 14 days.

How can I rename my connected devices?

You can rename your device by accessing Connected Devices list on your App.

Tap the device name directly to rename it or select the menu on upper right corner of the screen and then Edit Name.

Where can I view the last time a device connected to my network?

The Plume app’s home page displays a count of Connected Devices at the bottom of the screen.

Selecting this will bring up a grid with active devices displayed with a white background and inactive devices displayed with a gray background.  All inactive devices will display the time they were last seen directly above the device icon.

Where can I locate a device’s MAC and IP addresses?

The Plume app’s home page displays a count of Connected Devices at the bottom of the page. Selecting this will bring up a grid of currently and previously connected devices.

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Proceed by tapping on the selected device to see the device information, including the device’s MAC address and IP address.

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How do I run Device Speed Test?

For this Speed test to work, your device must be connected to your Premium WiFi network. Once the App is updated, the option will appear after your device connects to your Premium WiFi network.

Unlike the ISP Speed Test feature, this Speed Test measures the device’s connection through the pods all the way to the internet.

  1. From the main screen, tap your device icon.
  2. Tap on Device Speed Test and the test will run automatically for the first time.
  3. Tap the Retry button to run the test again
  4. If the Device Speed Test fails, wait a few moments and tap Retry button to try again

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Running a speed test may affect the performance of other connected devices. The Device Speed Test will not run if your network is offline, if you are not connected to your network, or if the speed test servers are temporarily unresponsive. If this is the case, please check your connection and try running the test again at a later time.