International Direct Dialing

International Direct Dialing Instructions:

  1. Look up the appropriate country code and, if required, the city code. (A list of codes can be found in the local telephone directory.)
  2. Dial the International Access Code: 011
  3. Dial the country code. (2-3 digit number)
  4. Dial the city code, if required.
  5. Dial the local number.

Example: To place a direct dialed call to Auckland, New Zealand:

international direct dialing

International Operator-Assisted Calls: For international calls that are person-to-person, collect, calling card or charged to another number, use the instructions above, but use International Access Code: 01 in step 2. The operator will come on the line to ask for specific information, such as the name of the person you are calling or your credit card number.