How do I use watch TVeverywhere?

Open a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome). In the address bar, type, and press Enter.

Select Comporium from the drop down menu and click Submit.

Click Register from the top tool bar. You will need two pieces of information from your latest Comporium bill:

  • Your master account number as it appears on your monthly bill.
  • The last name on the billing statement.

Complete the additional information in the “New User Information” section. Once complete, click the Register button.

Now, check the account for the email address you just provided. You will find an email message with your WatchTVEverywhere activation link. Click the link to complete the registration process. You are done and can begin to enjoy WatchTVEverywhere.

All of the channels can be accessed by clicking on the logo of your choice. For smartphones and tablets you will need to download the specific channel app and sign in. Most give you Video On Demand type content while the news and some sports will actually be the same as the live TV version.