How Do I Setup My WiFi Network (Browser Instructions)?

Step #1

Join WiFi Network using the ‘Network Name’ and ‘Preshared Key’ noted on Security Label. (See Bottom of Modem)

A. Model Number

B. Security Label

Check security label at the bottom of your modem


Step #2

Open a browser window (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc) and enter into the browser address bar.
Input in address bar

Step #3

Create a New password for the portal (Note: This is not your WiFi password. This is a password to access the portal.)
Set New password

Step #4

Update Wi-Fi Network Info (This will be the new Network Name and Network Password to access your WiFi).

Comproium recommends that you set up both the 2.4GHz Network (for older devices) and the 5GHz Network (for newer devices).

Update Wi-Fi Network Info


Changing Network name and/or password results in a temporary loss of WiFi connection. Please reconnect using the new network info (network name and password) to continue the setup process.

Final Note