How Do I Manage My DVR Recordings?

To Schedule Recordings:

  • From a live program: Press the Select or OK button, or swipe depending on your remote. This will bring up a screen overlay with several options.
    • Navigate to the “Rec option” and press Select again on the remote.
  • From the Guide or when Browsing: Select the program to record while browsing anywhere within the Guide, Replay TV, Search, or while browsing Shows & Movies. This will bring up detailed information about that program including some options below.
    • You should see a “Record” option – select this option to start the recording.
    • The next step provides a choice to “Record this program only,” or “Record future episodes.” The latter option may also provide a list of channels that the program will air on.
    • Manage the series and other recordings under Settings.

To Manage Recordings:

  • Manage Recordings: Access the Settings from the Main Menu and select “Manage Recordings” to view, edit, and delete your recorded programs and series.
    • All the recorded programs that are ready to watch on your device will be displayed in this section from most recent to oldest.
    • To play a show, go to a title and select “View Recordings” to see all the recordings of that particular program.
    • Select a recording and then select Play. Series Recordings, as well as any individually scheduled recordings you have set, can be found here.
    • Press Select on any series to view a list of options.
  • View Recordings: This is another way to view your recorded shows for this series. From here, you can play the show, view detailed info for each show, and delete.
    • On this screen, you will see an option to “Delete” on the top right.
  • View Scheduled: These are future episodes that are set to record. View detailed info for each show, extend a particular recording time, and cancel the series recording.
  • Recording Options: This allows you to add/remove the channel listings from this series as well as add extra time to the end of the recording.
  • Series Info: This will bring up more detailed information for the series and an overview with some additional browsing options.
For additional help, please watch the welcome video and setup video below: