DSL – VisionNet

VisionNet WiFi SSID and Password Setup/Change

Vision Net 505n

Step 1

To gain access to your VisionNet modem you will need to be connected to your network through an Ethernet connection. You can go to any web browser and in the web address bar type or then press enter. The image is shown below.

Vision Net settings page

Step 2

This will direct you to the page shown below. The top box is for your username which is end-user, and the bottom box is for the password which is Comporium9444.

Input credentials

Step 3

This will direct you to the screen below. From here you will click on “WiFi”. Image below.

Choose specific setting

Step 4

When you click on “WiFi” it will open more options. The next tab to click is the “SSID” tab. Image below.

Other alternative

Step 5

This will take you to the “WiFi: SSID Specific Settings” page. From here you can change and update the SSID network name. Then you will need to click the “Apply/Save” Image below.

Select first item

Step 6

After you apply the changes to the SSID, click on the “Security” tab to the left. Image below.

Select in menu

Step 7

You will be directed to the “WiFi: Security” screen. You will be able to select the SSID from the “Select SSID” portion of the page, then you can enter the passphrase you want to use in the “WAP/WAPI passphrase” portion of the page. Then click “Apply/Save”. Image below.

Pay attention to this fields

Step 8

Now that the WiFi network information has been applied, any device wanting to gain access to your WiFi network will need to enter the information you have set up.