CGNAT Transition FAQ

Previously, every Comporium connection to the internet has been assigned its own publicly-facing (WAN) IPv4 address for access. With the growth of the internet, IPv4 address space has been depleted, and Comporium is unable to acquire more of these addresses. To continue providing service, Comporium will be employing a Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT) solution to allow customers to connect to the internet using a ‘private’ Comporium IP address instead of a specific public address.


What is changing with my connection?

  • General functionality will not be impacted by this change. Your internet connection will no longer have its own public IP address.
  • Things that should continue working without issue include:
  • Browsing
  • Social Media
  • Downloading
  • Streaming


What will this affect?

  • Services that rely on outside connections reaching you by your device’s public IPv4 address will not be able to work properly. Utilities that may be affected by CGNAT include:
  • Multiplayer video games where content (ex: ‘rooms, ‘worlds’ or ‘servers’) is hosted by you
  • Home network storage and backup drives with remote access
  • IP Cameras and other internet-enabled devices reached only by IP
  • Some remote desktop protocols
  • Servers hosted on connections behind CGNAT will no longer be accessible by a public IP address. However, hosting servers on Comporium connections is a violation of Comporium’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy and is a functionality that cannot be supported.

How will I know if this change has happened for me?

  • Visit, which will indicate above your IP address whether it is a ‘Public’ IP address or a ‘CG-NAT’ IP address. For further assistance, contact Comporium Internet Technical Support either at 866-843-9444 or using’s Live Chat.

What can be done if I want a dedicated public address?

  • Comporium offers static IP addresses. Customers with static connections will not be impacted by these changes. Customer Service can help acquire one for your service, and Comporium Internet Technical Support can assist in configuring it.