Arris 2470 & Arris DCX3635

How to change wireless name and password on the Arris DG2470 and DCX3635-W

Arris DG2470 Arris dcx3635

Step 1

On your internet browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) in the URL type in the address bar “” and it will then prompt you to enter in username and password to access the modem settings. The username is: admin and password is: password.

Username and password fields

Step 2

You will then be directed to the Arris modem page where you will see on the “ System Basic Setup” window with the 2.4 GHz option and 5 GHz option on the screen. From there, you’ll be able to enter your desired wireless name(SSID) and password. Towards the bottom of the screen you’ll simply choose “Apply” and your wireless name and password will be saved to your home network.

Change password

Step 3

You can differentiate the wifi names on your network, for example, the 2.4 GHz network can be labeled as “normalnetwork” and the 5 GHz network can be labeled as “normalnetwork-5G” to make it easier for users in the home to choose what network they would like for their device to be on.

*Keep in mind that once you change your wifi name and password your devices will be disconnected from the network and you’ll need to reconnect the devices back to the network.