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Learn more about other Internet services Comporium provides like Caller ID on PC and Email Hosting.

Caller ID on PC

Available FREE to customers with both High-Speed Internet and Caller ID service from Comporium.* 
  • See incoming calls on your television screen
  • Keep track of the calls you receive
  • Choose which calls to answer

Caller ID on PC works with your existing primary telephone line and High-Speed Internet connection from Comporium to display the name and telephone number of the person calling. In most cases, the Caller ID information will be displayed on your computer screen prior to your phone ringing.

Call 866-843-9444 to get Caller ID on PC today!

*Must have Caller ID and High-Speed Internet from Comporium.

SPAM Filtering for Email            

Email Hosting

Email Hosting 
1 Mailbox
Unlimited Disk Space
No setup fee!
$35.40 / year
Domain Name Registration (.com, .net, .org) $11.95 / year
Domain Forwarding $24.00 / year
Managed DNS $24.00 / year


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