Long Distance Services

Comporium is the only long distance provider in the area affiliated with the one company that already has in-depth knowledge of our service requirements: your local phone company!

Local Contact for Sales & Service

Our friendly customer service representatives are here to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlike the majority of other long distance providers, when you call the long distance customer service at Comporium, you will always receive an individual, not a recording.

Reliable, Redundant Network

Comporium Long Distance is the only long distance company with diverse cable routes into and out of your telephone company. In the case of an outage, our switch will automatically re-route your calls to backup facilities, often so efficiently that you never experience any downtime. Our reliable, redundant network helps ensure that your business remains up and running at all times.

Toll-Free Service

CLD’s 800 service is targeted for businesses that have the need to stay in touch with their customers, clients and employees. Calls will terminate over your existing phone lines and requires no additional equipment installed.

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